HRDOC is an all-in-one solution for all you need to create documents for HR. Generate employee onboarding seamlessly with multiple related documents automated. Fact findings for compliance of employee analytics, insights of recruitment, integrate with your HR software application with our API.

Streamlining HR document and processes through automated management system to increase business productivity and maximise efficiency.

Workforce records management

Optimising seamless digital workflows to reduce paper chaos. Reviewing on administrative requests, employees’ files, expense reports and miscellaneous files to be tracked in a single digital system. All electronic data is automated and securely stored in a record keeping system.

Forms and templates

Building consistency in business operations by managing and promptly updating of forms/templates to eliminate manual intervention and save labour time. Pre-built digital HR forms and templates are ready to be used with a single click. New approval digital forms are created with latest published version.

Regulatory compliance

Maintaining regulatory compliance requirements and on par with corporate governance guidelines. Enforcing HR compliance by managing multiple different legislative policies and regulations such as worker’s compensation, unemployment, verifications and data classification to comply with current legislation.

Paper to digital

Converting paper document to full-text searchable digital files to streamline the processing of document-centric tasks. Electronic data are recoverable. Electronic filing eliminates the need for filing cabinets and ensure filles are encrypted and easily accessible online at any time with the click of a button.

Policies and procedures

Managing all digital data such as employee manuals, corporate policies, templates and organisation’s SOP in a systematic approach with approvals and version control. Release notifications assist with distribution channels.

Information security

Based on the Microsoft NT security model to ensure requisite security and control access to information in the HR automation system. Every action is recorded in the digital system to safeguard sensitive information.

Folders and file organization

All electronic files are organised and maintained consistently from the start with the automated folder structures. Upon arrival of new employees, the entire folder structures with all necessary content and security features are generated.

Tracking certificates and renewals

With built-in records management system, tracking of files such as important meetings, effective and expiration dates, training records, certifications, education credits, licencing and other critical, time-expiring documents are easily monitored with alerts update and notifications

Accurate reporting

With built-in reporting features such verification and validation actions to validate compliance, raising accountability, reviewing and analysing of data, charts and graphs are monitored and regulated up-to-date.

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HR Documents Benefits

Hr Document allows you to generate letters and document quickly with inbuilt ready templates and customisable to your liking, eliminates hassle to do manually, and makes it simple in a glance to view reports and intelligence insights.

Save More Time

Create letters easily with our inbuilt ready templates. HR document provides a variety of letter templates from employee onboard to employee exit using lesser time. Send and e-sign documents securely from any device virtually.

Be More Efficient

HR Document eliminates the hassle of flipping stacks of files and physical paper for search of a single employee document, reduce human error for data entry. Convenience of viewing reports and intelligent insights in a glance.

Save Money

Hr Document allows employees to work faster with ease and achieve more output with the same amount of time, therefore saves money for the company. Moreover, you can do your part to save the earth, rather than storing and printing hard copies documents, these can now be replaced by digital documents saved in the Cloud.

Make data turn into decisions with HR Documents

Hr Document useful dashboard is designed to help you visualise and gain insights. Be it hire or transfer or promotions or confirmation or termination, user can easily view from monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. This allows data-driven decision for the company to recruit new onboards, retain current employees and improving employee behaviour strategies.

How it Works

HR Document is designed for your management

HR Executives

Access rights are issued to HR executives to track all HR documents from a central centric dashboard. Streamline and automate recruitment and onboarding process. Gain visibility of the status of recruitment between departments.

HR Managers

Frees up HR managers’ time by spending less administrative time for new hires. Track documents easily as and when required after sending. Company’s handbooks and guidelines are easily shared internally among the organisation.

Training Managers

Reduce manual data entry and human error. This saves an average of $36 per agreement by reducing hard costs and improving employee productivity.

Staff Documents are stored in one Secure Place

8xpand’s HRDocs management library enables your organisation to store and share all the company documents from one centralised system. Thus, everyone has the access to the latest and important information at all times.

Adopting our award-winning powerful HR software, the innovative feature enables you to issue documents in groups, individual and to the entire organisation. Furthermore, you can track who has opened and read the information. This establishes accountability and transparency in workplace.

The eSignature Features that you want

A robust set of eSignature features used by millions of customers aroung the world. Get your agreements signed fast and secure, with the features you want

Integrations and Partnerships

8xpand commits to accelerate your digitisation transformation with us. Our goals are to develop intuitive software solutions that are designed to improve your business efficiency with latest innovations in technologies, system integrity and security.


8xpand offers a variety of APIs of users. You can access your API key from the API page in 8xpand. Once you have the key, you can start using our APIs to bring the efficiency of 8xpand to your prop rietary platform.

Click here to see our reference guides on APIs.
Zoom Integration

With our free Zoom integration, you can automactically transcribe recorded meetings,interviews or market research calls in moments.8xpand can pull cloud recordings into the platform and transcribe them immediately. Those recordings are ready to analyze by the time you return to your desk.


Connect all your favourite cloud-based apps to 8xpand with Zapier’s integration. Zapier connects various web apps and share your app connections. What’s more, no coding is required, it upload and transcribe video or audio files automatically, get notification when the completion is done.

With 8xpand, anything is possible with constant technological advances and innovation. We'll help you automate your business processes 24 hours x 7 so you can free up your resource and focus on delivering better client service. Bringing more intelligence to your small and midsize business. Whether you're looking to connect processes, simplify how work gets done, engage customers in new ways, or make more informed decisions, we have the right solution for you.

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